LINDSEYfirm LLC Packages

You're ready to start a business, and you're trying to keep your startup costs as low as possible.

You may have considered do-it-yourself legal forms but decided not to use them because you aren't certain what you need. LINDSEYfirm LLC Packages combine the convenience of an online form with the added assurance and expertise of a licensed Oklahoma attorney.

I often fix problems with DIY legal forms and spend hours explaining their meaning. In the end, it costs some clients more and takes longer than if they had come to me first.

LINDSEYfirm LLC Packages are designed to meet your needs and deliver more value than online legal form companies.

While LINDSEYfirm LLC Packages cost more than some online forms, you receive greater value because each includes unlimited support for completing the LLC Questionnaire and a minimum of one hour of attorney consultation time. 

More importantly, you will establish a relationship with an Oklahoma law firm that is prepared to counsel you throughout your business's development and growth. 

Let's establish your Oklahoma LLC so you can get back to building a great business.


Choose the Oklahoma LLC Package That Works for You

Just looking for the bare minimum to start your company?

Consider the Basic plan, which includes Articles of Organization, lawyer-reviewed Operating Agreement, Registered Agent service, and instructions for obtaining your IRS Tax ID number - all for just $349

That's less than the same service from the most popular online legal forms companies.

Note: The Basic Package does not include any attorney consultation or advice.

Attorney consultation is included with the Standard, Plus and Premium Packages.


How does it work?

  1. You fill out the requested information. It's helpful if you can gather some information before you start. You can download a checklist here. And if you have questions, feel free to call or email. Guidance in answering the questions is included in the price.
  2. After you've completed all the information, LINDSEYfirm will get to work drafting the necessary documents to establish your LLC in Oklahoma. If you need other services like obtaining a tax ID number or registered agent service, you can select that, too. 
  3. Once your LLC is registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State and your custom operating agreement is drafted, LINDSEYfirm will contact you to set up a phone call or in-office meeting (your choice) to review your documents and sign the operating agreement. You can also ask any question you may have regarding your business. Usually, this can be done in fewer than five business days.

Is this for every kind of llc?

The majority of LLCs start out wholly-owned by their founding owners and often do not take on outside investment. This means that the owners, or Members in legal terms, contribute the startup capital either out of their own pockets or take out a loan to fund the business. LINDSEYfirm's Oklahoma LLC Formation Packages are a good fit for these types of businesses.

If you are planning on raising money via outside investments, having multiple classes of ownership or have questions about what type of business structure is right for your business, LINDSEYfirm can help you devise the appropriate structure. As always, feel free to contact LINDSEYfirm if you have any questions.