Practice Philosophy

LINDSEYfirm was founded on the principle that all clients deserve excellent legal representation, regardless of the fee they pay, the business in which they’re engaged, or the choices they have made. 


Accessibility - If you cannot reach your lawyer, it is difficult to develop an effective attorney-client relationship. LINDSEYfirm can be reached via traditional channels like telephone and fax as well as via social media, Google Hangout, Skype or SMS messaging.

Candor - Rather than waiting for clients to ask questions, LINDSEYfirm strives to communicate frequently and regularly to notify clients of every action taken on their behalf. 

Persistence - At LINDSEYfirm, the client should expect a lawyer who is steadily relentless in achieving the client’s goals, not just momentarily excited. 

Ethics - The law is built on promises, and an attorney whose word is unreliable will have difficulty succeeding in law. LINDSEYfirm holds high the privilege of the practice of law and approaches every aspect of the practice with seriousness and integrity.